What Is Projection Mapping?

Turn Any Object, Shape, or Building Into A Surface For Projection

Projection mapping is a technology used to transform objects or physical spaces, regardless of shape or size, into a display surface for projection. The object or space to project upon can be virtually anything – from complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings, to smaller indoor objects or stages.

The technology at the center of projection mapping is a process called ‘edge-blending’ or ‘edge-butting’ where multiple projectors are coordinated to control where one beam of light ends and another begins. Edge-blended images are capable of transforming four walls into one continuous image.

There are two types of projection mapping, 2D and 3D. The difference being each is dependent on the type of surface being projected on:

At Spectrum, we are equipped with the vision technology and expertise to create an immersive experience like no other. Using powerful Christie high-definition projectors, we can design and create multimedia to be projected onto a custom made set which matches the built framework perfectly.

2D Mapping

Projection Mapping onto flat surfaces, such as screens or walls. We can use 2D mapping to create vast visual displays across whole walls, from top to bottom, within your venue.

3D Mapping

Projection Mapping onto three-dimensional objects. 3D projection is capable of creating mind-bending effects through warping content with a controlled software, as images take on physical form. We can add inanimate objects onto your stage and create illusions surrounding your guests through 3D mapping.

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Incorporating Projection Mapping Into Your Event

Creates A New League For Story-Telling & Communicaton

Visualise entering your venue and being greeted by a buzzing city skyline, or a projected 3D display that looks as real as the person next to you.

We use only the best and most trusted technical and AV equipment in order for us to create the high-quality and impactful events that we do. This is why we embrace projection mapping and believe it can truly transform any environment. We can turn the most elaborate architectural elements of your venue and project any theme, colour, imagery, branding or environment on to it.

Projection mapping is only as good as the content it is projecting. With a whole team of talented multimedia designers in-house, you can trust Encore to produce the right multimedia to ensure your 2D or 3D mapping makes the impact you are after. This multimedia is created in conjunction with you to ensure all the key messaging and branded elements are the highlight.

The Ultimate Wow-Factor For Your Events

The Perfect Way To Take Your Event To A Whole New Level

We’ve projection mapped onto stages to create a dynamic surrounding, we’ve transformed a stark wall into a visual masterpiece, and we can turn your event into something truly spectacular too.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate conference or a glamorous gala dinner, there’s a home for projection mapping within your event. It’s a fascinating and visually impressive element, guaranteed to ‘wow’ your guests.

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Our diversely skilled team members are here to supply the ultimate projection mapping experience, alongside all of your event requirements, meaning your theme and brief is delivered to a consistent and imaginative standard. Projection mapping is a contemporary technical concept many events are embracing, and here at Spectrum we are no exception. We strive to make events that are to be remembered, and we believe projection mapping is one tool that can really assist us in doing so.

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