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Creative Technology Solutions is uniquely equipped to manage the IT needs of the long term care industry. We are backed by an exceptional help-desk team to make sure you’re up and running 24/7. Technology changes quickly, and whether for your corporate office or a facility nurses station, our team of experts will tailor a solution fitted to your situation with today’s best practices in mind.

We won’t just bring you up to the latest standards, we’ll help you go beyond and stay ahead.


Creative Ideas, Technical Reality


Sometimes you need an outside pair of eyes to look at a problem that’s got you stumped in order to find the right solution for your business. We excel at finding innovative solutions to our client’s biggest problems.


Don’t waste another minute doing those small, repetitive tasks. We will harness the power of technology and put your computer to work doing the job for you so you can spend more of your time working the business and less time working on the business.


Email. Websites. Computers. You can’t do business without them. When they stop working, we get to work finding out why and then we work with you until the problem is solved.

Want to learn more about why our system is simple, powerful, and reliable as well as affordable?


How We Do It

What Makes Us Different

It is our mission to provide our partners with enterprise level IT systems designed to meet their business needs. We create custom IT solutions focused on bringing efficiency and industry best practices to unlock the full potential of any workforce.

Ensuring you have the IT systems to get the job done right, we strive to make our partners lives easier during every moment of the day!

We pledge that our team of IT experts put “All Hands-on Tech” to practice, creating fully configured environments that leave your hands free to handle other tasks.

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