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At Spectrum connect we are an indigenous technology platform who support different market needs with analyzing available data trends with an amazing team located at the heart of Uganda.

This company was kick started in 2013 with an SMS server. Ever since then the company has provided over 10 consultancies. Spectrum Connect LLC has delivered web site consultancies and Enterprise software companies such as IUEA, UTAMU.

We craft digital experiences that are exciting, useful and effective.

The Spectrum is a boutique creative studio specialising in digital design and production for the event industry.

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What We Believe

We believe in our quality, honesty and satisfaction .The delivery of the software product for our customers is our goal. The Spectrum team is focused on design that delivers exceptional content to event audiences. We explore technology, user experience and creativity to entertain, explain, interact and engage.

We join projects at any stage – from conception, delivery and beyond. Event branding to enormous outdoor video projections – we design and produce everything you need under one roof.


Our Data Drive Solutions
SMS & Emailing Solutions

Boost your revenues by adding smart SMS solutions to your marketing or applications. Its the easy way to reach your customers.

Websites & Software Services

We can create for you for dynamic websites with up-to date. Our experience allows us to deliver enterprise solutions on the best technologies.

Social Media Campaigns

Jump start your messaging business the risk free way. Partner with us and make advantage of our ecosystem of worldwide connections.

Bulk SMS Messaging

Get closer to your clients and help them make an impression with instant messaging. Create campaigns, notify your users, get people voting and chatting, or offer smart transactions. It’s easy with Spectrum’s complete suite of SMS messaging products.

  • Designers
  • Animators
  • Developers
  • Producers
  • Technologists
  • Storytellers
We are leading producers of innovative digital content for experiential brand activation.

Since 2004 our skilled team of directors, designers, animators, developers, producers and technologists have been bringing brand stories to life through the power of digital design, video, motion graphics and large format creative technology.

Our focus areas are:

Brand Experiences

Live Events

We design and produce dynamic custom content for live events, web, bespoke activations, trade shows and product launches.

Our tailored design solutions help drive ROI across web, mobile, social media and beyond, for our clients who are an eclectic mix of brand managers, event companies, content marketing agencies, technical production companies, marketing managers, advertising agencies, public relations companies, non-profit and government organisations.

Our outstanding applications include:

& Identity



Our Clients

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e: info@spectrumcconect.ug

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